This has actually become one of my favorite meals to make for breakfast since I’ve decided to make the transition to vegan/vegetarianism. I was tired of the same old avocado toast that was not quite filling or oatmeal that was way too filling.

I’m never one to say no to a little spice or flavor and if you’re the same then this is perfect! With just a dash of cayenne and turmeric, along with salsa and black beans you can’t go wrong. Nevertheless tofu is the most important ingredient of this recipe so that is what I will begin with.


I have tried a few brands of tofu however this has been my favorite so far. I like to get the medium firm because it’s not too soft so that it breaks apart and it’s not too hard making it difficult to make it do what you want. Now here is the fun part, cut out between one and two ounces of tofu and place it in the middle of a small pan on medium/low heat that has been covered in olive oil. Next, take a fork and smush the tofu until it looks almost like what a can of tuna would look like. Then, I add my spices, I don’t use a specific measurement because it really depends on the person and how spicy to flavored they like their food. I throw some cayenne and turmeric on one side and let it sit like that for about 3 minutes.


While the tofu is cooking is when I cook my beans in a pot since it’s really just heating them up. I also get my tostada ready and slice my avocado. When you go to flip the tofu over be sure that it is all connected and not breaking apart, if so let it sit in the pan a bit longer until is it fried together. Once it is ready flip it over and let it sit while you remove the beans from the stove and start to build your tostada.


First, take about three spoon full of black beans, or as many as it takes to cover the entire shell. Next, when removing the salsa be sure to drain any juice from the spoon so that it does not cause the shell to become soft and break. Add as much as you desire!

At this point the tofu should be finished, remove it from the pan and place it on top of the beans and salsa. Lastly add on your avocado and add a bit of pepper to the top for a final kick! I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!

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  1. Yummy! My husband has been making this a lot lately. He got a tofu press for Christmas and I’m telling you- the tofu has improved so much. Helps with cook time too. I’m going to get him to try out some of your techniques as well. Thanks for this post!

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