The Most Important Ritual: Self-Care

Now more than ever is the time to truly be honest with oneself to see if you really are happy with where and who you are. Being home and able to sit and think can sometimes be extremely daunting but if you use that time and energy to look inwards, you can manifest the person that you really want to be. Take this time to align yourself with your souls purpose.

Many people are still working during this crisis, myself included, so for people like me it may be harder to take the time out of our crazy day to reflect or even have a little “me time”. What I have been doing is right when I get home I give myself 15 minutes to just wind down and let the events of my day wash away. Then, I will light some incense or candles depending on my mood and lay out my yoga mat for just some light stretching. This is when I try to give myself anywhere from 10-30 minutes of time to take a step back and just check in with myself. At first I would just tell myself that this would all be over soon and everything can go back to normal, but then I was thinking about what my “normal” is. Did I really want to go back to my normal? The more I thought about it the more I realized that no, I did not want to go back to normal, I want to go forward with who I am.

I have been studying to become an Herbalist but had to take a break due to the virus, so I have been feeling really down and stagnant without that stimulation of learning to give me that sense of worth (a whole different thing I am working on) so one day I got an email from The Herbal Academy offering there introductory and intermediate classes for 50% off and jumped at that opportunity! I plan to post my journey through the course to hopefully motivate some of you to enroll as well.

Utilize the motivation you give yourself to start your own journey, don’t allow yourself to dwell on the negative. Harder said than done I know, I deal with this issue daily, but when you take things one step at a time you bring yourself closer to becoming that person that you really want to be.

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2 thoughts on “The Most Important Ritual: Self-Care

  1. Brianna… I hope you enjoy your new classes and I really loved to hear how well you are taking care of yourself during this time. You are one of the people still going to work every day whom we should take the time to thank, especially… so, thank you! I am absolutely enjoying the benefits from the beautiful Fluorite “Stone of Positivity” which I recently purchased from your Etsy shop. Have another wonderful today! Brigitte

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