The Kitchen

Tofu Rancheros

This has actually become one of my favorite meals to make for breakfast since I’ve decided to make the transition to vegan/vegetarianism. I was tired of the same old avocado toast that was not quite filling or oatmeal that was way too filling. I’m never one to say no to a little spice or flavor

Cilantro Lime Rice

Rice can be the basis of almost any meal, so making rice that you will enjoy is pretty important. Plain old rice is good and all but it’s much more fun to spice things up a bit! (No pun intended) My cilantro and lime rice is super quick and easy, with only 3 ingredients, so

Spicy Cajun Chicken

The first meal I ever learned how to cook all on my own was a simple version of cajun chicken with rice and vegetables. Now a few years later and after countless changes and mess ups I’ve come up with my favorite dish to make. It’s simple and easy to make too! Trying to impress

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