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The Most Important Ritual: Self-Care

Now more than ever is the time to truly be honest with oneself to see if you really are happy with where and who you are. Being home and able to sit and think can sometimes be extremely daunting but if you use that time and energy to look inwards, you can manifest the person


With the hype surrounding COVID-19 I figured why not do a post on one of the most healing stones out there? Fluorite is a fairly common stone with a multitude of purposes. It does not only heal physical illness but it also promotes mental clarity, both of which will be useful if you are quarantined

Etsy Shop!

As a way to further my journey of becoming an Herbalist and spiritual healer I have begun selling crystals and gemstones! My shops name is BumbleBriApothecary This has been something that I have wanted to do for a while but was always afraid of failure. That has actually been a big issue I have struggled

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